Abbye Rhea: Class of 2012 (Chattanooga Senior Photographer)

This photo shoot is particularly near and dear to my heart.  Abbye is my niece! Which makes me feel way old.  Granted, I was an aunt at age 6 and there have already been two nephews that have graduated so I'm used to it by now!

We met on the Southside in Chattanooga and had a fun time taking advange of the old brick buildings and graffiti.

...and wind.  It was pretty windy that day, so we decided we'd go with it and have some pics with the windblown look.

This building is my favorite EVER! They were supposed to demo it a couple months ago, and the community decided to make it open for anyone who wanted to graffiti it.  I guess they decided to let it stand for awhile, and I was so excited when I saw that it was still standing.

The colors went perfectly with her outfit.  We so didn't plan that, but it worked out well!

We just had to take advantage of Elvis.  This is me talking Abbye into giving him a big smooch.

This is Abbye starting to succomb to peer pressure...

...and YES! I win:)

"A" is for Abbye:)

Abbye loves photography, so we thought we'd incorporate that into her shoot.  This particular camera belonged to a dear friend of the family who recently passed away.

This was a vintage camera that I brought a long.  I love these because you had to look through the top to see the image.

Which makes it awesome for photos like this!

Then we discovered that you could see Abbye in the top circle, and me in the bottom one! Yeah, we had a little too much fun with that:)

After a quick outfit change, we headed to Walnut St Bridge. 

Finally, to Ross's landing for the sunset.  Abbye loves to read, so we thought this would make some awesome silhouette pics.  These are definitely favorites for me!

Isn't she just awesome?
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