The Last Family (Chattanooga Family Photographer)

No, don't worry.  This isn't my last family session or anything.  Last is their last name:)

Well, I met the Last family at Booker T Washington Park on a particularly foggy morning.  I was sooo excited when we got there because I thought these would look so cool in black and white.

Karen was a little concerned that her family pictures would look creepy in the fog, but I think we ended up with some very unique (non-creepy) family photos.  This one is my favorite!

The fog did start to clear a little.  Little Kirby liked looking at all the birds.  Isn't that a perfect name for a red head?

Ok, this is my other favorite.  It makes me sad that all the trees have now lost their beautiful fall color.

Such a sweet little boy, playing with a dandelion....

...and then he tried to eat it.  Now that's more like reality:)

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