Amanda+Storm+Landon (Chattanooga Family Photographer)

What did I learn from this session?  When things go wrong...roll with it!

Amanda and Storm were very laid back parents and I appreciate it! I was running a little behind (Never a good start)...and then the key to the field wouldn't work!  Amanda was such a good sport though, she jumped the fence in her heels and dress.  Once we got to the field, there was cow poop EVERYWHERE!  Oh and did I mention there were actually cows in the field??? There weren't supposed to be.

Some days things just don't go as planned, no matter what you do.  It was a difficult to keep Landon out of the poop, so we abandoned the field.  We moved to the woods and the path to the field.    These ended up being some of my very favorite. 

Aren't those eyes just gorgeous? 

Landon is definitely a Daddy's boy.  He made some of the cutest faces when they played together!  I just couldn't decide, I loved them all.

This was one of the first sessions of the year when the leaves were turning brown and falling.  I think this is just as beautiful as the brillian fall colors before they turn. 

Ah, yes.  A longing to play in a field full of cow poop:)

Then, we went down the road to one of my favorite barns.  I've blogged images of this barn before here.

Ok, this is another favorite.


I love these next couple of Landon and Amanda together. So sweet.

The happy family!
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