Riding the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway

As it turns cold and gross outside, I feel the need to share pictures from our last bike ride of the fall.  Although it was very cold at the time, we bundled up and enjoyed the beauty.  We headed to North Carolina and rode the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway.  The Dragon is known to be one of the curviest roads - some 300 curves in 10 miles (or around there).  There most deadly thing about the road are the other people.  The crotch rockets want to go really really fast, and most cars want to go really really slow.  Doesn't make for a good combination.  We can now say that we survived the Dragon.  Nah, I didn't get a t-shirt to prove it.  I did get a sticker though!

Ahhhh....this is my point of view.  People ask me why I don't drive my own bike.  For one, I remember my experiences with learning to drive - and some mistakes can only be learned once.  Secondly, why would I want to have to pay attention to the road?? I simply look around, daydream, and feel the wind in my face.  This is where I get my most inspiration.  If this image had a theme song, it would be "The Open Road Song" by Eve6.  Or anything by NeedtoBreathe.

This overlook was just stunning.  Love the horseshoe that the water makes through the Smokies.
The road was so windy and, it was really hard to capture the curves without getting other cars in the picture.  You can kind of tell here.

An overlook on the Cherohala Skyway.

Called the Skyway because it goes so high, we didn't really prepare for how cold it would be.  All trees were already stripped of their leaves and there was SNOW on the ground!  I was a little popsicle.  I never ever wanted to give into wearing chaps, but I definitely did on this trip.  They are a lifesaver.  I might actually have to invest in some.  And yes, I will make fun of myself in them. And no, you don't get any pictures of them!

If you've noticed, you can see me in almost every one of these pictures.

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