Gary+Janet+Emily+Trent+Ophelia+Lauren+Drew+Jeremiah+Vicky+Liam+Amara+Isaiah = The Goodges! (Whew)

Or this could be titled, "A Newborn, an Engagement, Family From France, Kids, and a Birthday, Oh My!"

Or... "The Goodges," but what fun is that?

I met the whole Goodge family in Dayton, TN to celebrate...well...a little bit of everything!  We crammed a whole lot of celebrating into one big photo shoot.  So, there will be lots of images in this blog.

The whole family.  This especially exciting because they rarely all get to be together.  Gary and Janet live in France, Jeremiah's family lives in Indiana, and Emily and Lauren's families live in Chattanooga. Whew.

The brand new addition, Miss Ophelia.  She was only 2 weeks old.

Janet with  Liam.

Janet with Ophelia.

Jeremiah's kids: Liam, Amara, and Isaiah.

The sweet Miss Ophelia again.

The engaged couple!  Lauren and Drew.  Oh, and it was Lauren's birthday, too.

Another happy couple.

Just have to show off that ring!

Isaiah with his grandpa.

Now to play in the leaves!  They had tons of leaves to play with.

I absolutely love this one.

I then convinced our engaged couple to play in the leaves a little:)

Just when they thought I wasn't watching...I always love the candid shots the best.

He asked her to marry him at 11:11 on 11/11/11.  She put that time on her watch so they'd always remember.

A fun, happy ending to a whirlwind session.

Congrats to Emily and Trent on little Miss Ophelia.  Congrats to Lauren and Drew on getting engaged.  So good to see the family from out of town again.  Love you guys!

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