A Sense of Wonder (Chattanooga Child Photographer)

Meet Allen. He's 15 months old.  This kid is just so happy. And he's FULL of wonder at the world.  You'll see that in pictures to come. Especially those with the bubbles.  We met up at Greenway Farms in Hixson, TN to take pics of this little guy.

Aren't his eyes just so big and beautiful?

I just love this patch of wildflowers. They were perfect for our shoot!

I've never seen a child love bubbles as much as Allen did! He was just amazed by them.

This one makes me laugh.

We had to catch a couple with mommy and daddy, too.

While walking around before our session, I found the coolest old little sheds. We decided to let Allen play in the hay and he had a lot of fun.

He always crosses his ankles. It's the cutest thing!

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