Twin Worlds of Imagination (Chattanooga Child Photographer)

Wylee Ann and Wyatt. Aren't those the best names for twins EVER?!

These kids just blew me away.  They had the best imaginations.  We took a few posed pictures, then Wyatt decided he was SO done with me.  It took him a minute, but he finally started to just play with me.  We were swept to a world somewhere between the movies Up! and Where the Wild Things Are.  Monsters, ballons, cages, jet packs.  It was a blast.  Couldn't ask for two cooler 4 year olds.  Not to mention their older sister, who had just as much fun playing with them.
You could tell they were just inseparable.  They would try to push each other off of the crates, then Wyatt would stop to make sure Wylee was ok.  When Wiley accidentally got a splinter, it was Wyatt who came to her aid first.

Since Wyatt didn't want to wear the hat, Grandma decided she would!

Of course that made him want it back...but not without getting "the look" for taking his picture. Such a scary monster:)

He started to warm up as we talked about the balloons and what would happen if we had so many that Wylee would fly away...the answer was very complicated involving jet packs and trampolines:)

I suggested we let the balloons go and see what happens.  Obviously, that did NOT go over well!  We kept the balloons tight in hand.

Then we started playing with those crates.  There had to be something more exciting we could do with them! That's when they made a cage.

Fee. Fi. Fo. Fum....Yes, Wiley is in there.

This is my absolute favorite.  Wylee Ann and Wyatt talking to each other through the crate.  I'm pretty sure she spoke only  in monkey noises for the entirety of her entrapment:)

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