New Orleans: Live Oaks, Plantations, Lake Pontchartrain, and Jackson Square

I already posted information about the ImagingUSA conference, but finally have been able to get pictures of New Orleans posted.  We had very limited time to see the city and take pictures, but here are the few places we squeezed in!

The pictures here can be found in the Wanderlust gallery on my website, http://www.christinelewisphotography.com/.

Oak Alley. Love the live oaks! Just like in Savannah.  This one is particularly awesome because of the big plantation home at the end.

These live oaks had branches that would reach way out down to the ground.  One branch I saw actually went under the ground then came back out again. 

Here's a little better view of how the limbs go all the way out to the ground. Love all the knotty roots too.

This was an alley of oaks that we just found while driving down the road.  We were actually trying to drive around and find a good vantage point for taking pics of a bridge, when we passed right by this.  I said, "STOP!" and mom gladly turned around for me.  The best part about it was that it's not a tourist attraction like Oak Alley. It's just a line of trees on a dirt road.  We had it all to ourselves to enjoy while the breeze blew the spanish moss.  It was perfect.

As the sun went down, we headed for Lake Pontchartrain for the sunset.

On our only other day to do something touristy, we went to Jackson Square.  We enjoyed cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde too:)  These are the spires of St. Louis Cathedral.

The beautiful cathedral from the inside.

The Andrew Jackson Memorial. Some day I may take the time to photo shop out the power lines, but I'm soooo not that motivated right now:)

Jackson Square.  This reminds me of a fairy tale or Disney world.  Everything is just too perfect.  Too symetrical.  Seems surreal.
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