Savannah v. New Orleans: Which is better?

Ok, since I've been to both New Orleans and Savannah in the past year, I find myself comparing them continually.  They are so unique yet so similar.  They are both in the deep south, both full of history and culture.  So I want to know, which do you think is better? What is it that you just love (or hate) about each city? 
They both have beautiful big live oaks and spanish moss:



Both have big beautiful cathedrals:
St. John's Cathedral in Savannah

St. Louis Cathedral in NOLA

With big beautiful spires:
Spires of St. Louis Cathedral in NOLA
Spires of St. John's in Savannah

Of course, there are some fundamental differences.  New Orleans is very French and Savannah is very Southern American.  I'd love to go back to NOLA and spend more time, learn more of the history, see more of the city.  I'll have to make that a vacation in the near future:)
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